Eindhoven - Hooge Zijde

Case number: 08221270
Found on:26-12-2008
Place found:Eindhoven (Netherlands)

On December 26,2008 the body of an unknown man was found along the track Hooge Zijde in Eindhoven.

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The man was about 40 years old, has short dark hair and blue eyes. He wore dark grey trousers, a brown leather belt make "Drago" with the logo of a dinosaur, a red corduroy T shirt with dark blue horizontal stripes make Nike size L, a black/red sweater make Eisbar size XL, a red training jacket make Rima size 6 with a black/white/red print on the sleeve, dark grey sportsocks with a white stripe at the top and brown leather sportshoes. A red lighter was found in his right trouser pocket.

Do you have information about this person? Please contact the police on 0800-6070.



Eindhoven - Hooge Zijde

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Gender: Male


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