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MH17 Information Orion and Delfin

An international Joint Investigation Team (JIT), in which Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine take part, is conducting a criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17 on the 17th of July 2014. The JIT emphasizes that it is open for additional evidence provided by (eye) witnesses, or those persons involved in criminal activities in the conflict in the east of Ukraine.
The JIT is especially looking for insider and/or eye witnesses, who can tell us more about the role that different persons have played in the downing of flight MH17.

Ниже указана информация касательно обращения о поиске свидетелей/очевидцев для международного расследования трагедии рейса МН17.. 

Information Orion and Delfin

Furthermore the JIT is looking for more information concerning the following people:

Person 1:
- Alias: Orion (call sign)
- First name: Andreay Ivanovich

Person 2:
- Alias: Delfin (call sign)
- First name: Nikolay Fiodorovich

The JIT has several wire tapped conversations in which these people participate. The JIT provides you with a sample of the audio files in English and Russian, from a selection of these conversations. The JIT stresses that these is no evidence that these calls are directly related to the downing of MH17.


Do you recognize the voice of ‘Orion’ and/or ‘Delfin’, do you know their full names, their whereabouts, or do you have any information concerning these people or their connection to the BUK that allegedly shot down MH17? Do you have any other relevant information for the investigation? If so, please contact the JIT.

The JIT pays serious attention to the security of witnesses. If you are concerned about your safety, various protective measures can be taken.