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Questions about corona and policing

The vaccination drive in the Netherlands has picked up speed. The number of new infections and the number of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 are both falling sharply. That is why the government decided to take step 4 of the reopening plan per June 26. This page was updated on July 2nd, 2021.

Table of contents

Current situation in the Netherlands

From 26 June, all establishments can open their doors, but it is important the 1.5-metre distancing rule remains the norm everywhere. Read more down below what this means for police work. 

Please, keep following the basic rules

  • Wash your hands, keep your safe distance
  • and stay home and get tested if you have any symptoms.

Read everything about step 4 of the opening plan: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/news/2021/06/18/netherlands-to-take-big-step-in-relaxing-measures-almost-everything-allowed-with-1-5-metre-distancing

Questions about rules and fines

From June 26 there are few restrictions left. Two rules stay important for our work as police:

  1. safe distance
  2. wear a facemask where obligatory (it will continue to apply only in situations where staying 1.5 apart is impossible. For example on public transport, on aeroplanes and other forms of passenger transport, at stations and airports, and in secondary schools).

As police we will mostly warn at this stage. When we fear or encounter an excess that can have an impact on people's health, we will give a fine. 

  • Safe distance: 48 euro (13 - 15 year olds) or 95 euro (16 and older).
  • No facemask where obliged: 95 euro. 

Questions about travelling


Are your travelling abroad, from The Netherlands? Read this carefully.

Are you visiting The Netherlands from abroad? Then please read this information. 


Questions about work and distancing

My employer wants 3 of us to travel to work together in a work van. Is this allowed?
Work vans are not considered private cars. Therefore they have different rules to keep travelling/working safe. 

  1. The people that travel in one work van must be registered by name every day (information might be needed for research in case of illness)
  2. Before you enter the van, you must get a health check. Read: questions if you have corona symptoms.
  3. Everyone in the van must wear a face mask.

My employer forces us to work at less than the required distance. What can I do?
Your employer is responsible for your health. This means she/he has to ensure that you can stay at least 1.5 metres apart. Raise the issue with your employer or supervisor. Involve the works council or the union if the employer doesn’t listen to you. You can also report it to the Inspectorate SZW using a special report form.  

Questions about police stations

Do I need to wear a face mask when visiting a police station?
No you don't. Only when you can not keep a safe distance. 

Do all police stations remain open?
Yes, all police stations were open during the pandemic. You are welcome.

How should I report a crime?
As normal. Please call us at 0900-8844 to to make an appointment, so we have enough time to serve you well.
In some cases it is possible to report online, or by phone. Check https://www.politie.nl/en/themes/report-a-crime.html to read more. 

Questions about how we, as police, can protect ourselves and others

What type of personal protective equipment does the police carry?
Each police car has a package containing surgical masks and medical gloves, among other things. The police use these, for instance, when officers have to visit a location where an infected person may be present, or for reanimation. Of course there isn’t always time to put on gloves during an arrest. This means we are running an increased risk, but that comes with the job. We always wear gloves when conducting a body search. In addition, we have hand sanitizer with which we can clean our hands after a reported incident. We also have coveralls and glasses that we can wear when performing reanimation. 

Other questions and answers