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James Staurvik

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On Friday evening 7th October 2011, 31-year-old Radowslag Adam Sawaryn was killed in his home in Mijdrecht/NL. From several witness statements it has become evident that Sawaryn was in a conflict with a certain Jessie, short for Niall James Byrne, born in Ireland on 11-12-1981. This, howeve4r, is a false name, and Jessie's true name is James Staurvik, born in Ireland on 3-6-1983.

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  • Hair colour: dark
  • Eye colour: dark
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Date of birth: 03-06-1983



Have you seen James Staurvik or do you think you know his whereabouts? Do not approach him yourself, but contact the police. Call the police tip-off line at free phone number 0800-6070, or have a confidential consultation with the National Intelligence Team at number 088-661 77 34. If you call from another country, you can contact the NIT at +31 79 345 9800.



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