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Christo Hülters

Christo Hülters is wanted by the police in connection with a party at IJslandpad in Bergen op Zoom (NL) on 27 June 2015 that got horribly out of hand. At the party, which was attended by about 20 adults and children, two men were shot at close range. It soon became clear that the shots had had been fired by Christo Hülters, also from Bergen up Zoom. Why did this shooting take place? It was prompted by something entirely trivial: according to witness statements, a local boy and the daughter of one of the later victims had got into an argument at a nearby playground. The argument had been soothed, but then Hülters, who knew the boy, suddenly appeared in the party tent with a gun in his hand and shot two people.

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Christo Hülters has been missing without a trace since the evening of Saturday 27 June 2015, but he should have to stand trial for double attempted homicide. Christo Hülters was born on 23 December 1980. He is 1.84m tall, has grey-green eyes and dark blond hair.

Important detail: in the past he also used the name Cristo Hermans.


Have you seen Christo Hülters or do you think you know his whereabouts? Do not approach him yourself, but contact the police. Call the police tip-off line at free phone number 0800-6070, or have a confidential consultation with the National Intelligence Team at number 088-661 77 34. If you call from another country, you can contact the NIT at +31 79 345 9800.