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Tommy van der Sommen

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The police urgently want to find Thomas Antonius Wilhelmus Arnoldus (Tommy) van der Sommen. Van der Sommen is sentenced to a term of imprisonment of nine years for drug trafficking, money laundering, and assault. The police suspect Van der Sommen, who is on the run, is hiding in Spain.

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Tommy van der Sommen is possibly hiding in Barcelona. Information has it, however, that he could equally be staying in the surroundings of Malaga or Marbella, on the Costa del Sol.

In photographs taken in 2014, he was slightly overweight and balding. As the photos are a few years old, the police take into account that Van der Sommen might be completely bald now, and that his figure has changed. He may also have assumed a false identity.

The second photo on this page is edited by the police.


If you have any information about Thomas Antonius Wilhelmus Arnoldus van der Sommen have seen him or know where he's staying? Please call 0031- 79 345 98 76 from abroad. If you're in The Netherlands please call:

Landelijke Eenheid: 0800-6070 (free) or TNI: 079 - 345 89 99.


Date of birth:
1,93 m.
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