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Ahmed Ezzat

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On 13 June 2022, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service has included Ahmed Ezzat in the National Wanted Persons List. Ahmed Ezzat has been convicted for killing 27-year-old Karin Maarleveld.

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This happened during the night of 16 to 17 October 1995. Karin was found dead in her home at Wormerveerstraat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Court initially acquitted Ezzat, after which he was deported to his country of birth, Egypt, for being illegally resident in the Netherlands.

In June 1998, the Court of Appeal convicted Ezzat to a non-suspended sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment.

It is suspected that Ezzat is in Egypt, but he could also be elsewhere, perhaps under a different name.


Have you seen Ahmed Ezzat, or do you think you know his current whereabouts, please do not approach him yourself, but contact the police. Call freephone phone number 0800-6070, or have a confidential conversation with the National Intelligence Team at 088-661 77 34. If you call from another country than the Netherlands, please contact us at phone number +31 79 345 9800.