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Girl found dead in Wernhoutsburg is given a name

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Wernhout - The girl found in Wernhoutsburg has been given a name: Amy - Amélief van het Ven, shortened to Amy. The finder, the Municipality of Zundert, the police and the Public Prosecution Service hope that naming the girl will give her the attention and respect she deserves.

After she was found on 12 May last lots of people called for her to be named, but it took a while to respond. Now, the time has now come for the girl to have her own name.

Mayor Vermue of the municipality of Zundert: “After holding thorough talks with most of those involved I have named the girl Amy – Amélief van het Ven. When the situation around the investigation allows we will bid Amy a proper farewell. For the time being it’s important that she has a name, and that we do everything possible to enable a breakthrough in the investigation.”

The investigation team is still working hard on the investigation. There has not yet been a breakthrough, but it can be made known that the team assumes that he girl was laid at the lake in Wernhoutsburg between 9 and 12 May.

Despite the many intensive efforts made the baby’s fate has not yet been cleared up. We are therefore appealing to the general public for help. Can you help us with our investigations?

Similar cases in the past have shown that the mother might deny having been pregnant to herself or might have tried to hide it. It is completely possible that her pregnancy was not noticeable. Have you noticed a woman or girl who seemed to have changed in some way? Perhaps by avoiding taking part in sports activities and who withdrew around the time that Amy was found, and afterwards.

The girl’s mother, who is still unknown, might have been in a desperate situation. We think she might need help.

Tips or information?
Have you seen anything else that might be helpful? A situation that might have not seemed striking at first may be extremely helpful for the investigation team. Please don’t hesitate to come forward!

Please call 0900-8844, anonymously via Meld Misdaad Anoniem [report crime anonymously] on 0800-7000 or mail