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Baby’s death caused by violent crime. Police still concerned about baby’s parents

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Wernhout - Investigation into the finding of a baby’s body in Wernhout, on 12 May 2021, has revealed that the death was caused by a violent crime.

Extensive examination of the body has established that the baby died as a result of violence. The baby girl was found in a rubbish bag; however, examination of the bag has not led to a breakthrough. The investigation by the Large-scale Criminal Investigation Team is still ongoing. It is still not known who the newborn’s mother and father are. The police are very concerned about the baby’s parents and would like to offer them the help they need.

Tips and information

The police have received over 25 tips, some of which are still being followed up. However, unfortunately these tips have not yet led to the identity of the baby girl and her parents. So the police are still searching hard for people who may have seen something in the days before the baby’s body was found in Werhoutsburg park on 12 May 2021. Did you perhaps see someone behaving oddly or differently in the days leading up to the finding of the baby? Do you know who her parents might be? Please report this to us! You can contact the police at 0900-8844 or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, via tip line M., at 0800-7000. Alternatively, you can fill in the tip form below.