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Police request your help in investigation into finding of a baby in Wernhout

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Wernhout - The police still have many unanswered questions in the investigation into the finding of a baby in Wernhout exactly one week ago. We are looking for witnesses who may have more information.

To further our investigation, we are trying to build up a picture of the surroundings of where the baby was found. We need your help with this! Do you sometimes go to the Wernhoutsburg park on the Kleine Heistraat? Maybe it’s a place you often take your dog, or it’s part of the route for your daily walk? Please contact us! Even the tiniest detail might help us with our investigation.

Naturally we would also like to hear from you if you have any information about the baby or her parents. We’re still very concerned for the wellbeing of the baby’s mother and would like to help her.

Witnesses can contact the police at 0900-8844 or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, via the anonymous  tip line M., at 0800-7000. Alternatively, you can fill in the tip form below.