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Check your hack

The police worldwide are engaged in a major international investigation, headed by the FBI, which has led to the taking down of the criminal trading website Genesis Market. The website was used for trading the user profiles of victims of hacking, including their online fingerprint. If this data is sold, this can have major consequences for victims. 

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Check your hack

Online fingerprints

Your online fingerprint is the data that is unique to your computer. If cybercriminals get hold of your user profile, including your online fingerprint, they can evade security measures imposed by web shops and in certain cases banks. Once they install malware on your computer, they receive an update every time you change a password.

To avert this danger, it is vital that you check whether your data has been put up for sale.


On this site, you can check whether your data was for sale on Genesis Market. If your email address was on the list on the website, within minutes the police will notify you at that email address. Check both your inbox and your spambox for an email from the police. If you do not receive an email from the police, your email address was not on Genesis Market.

Check out www.politie.nl/en/onlinefingerprint for more about online fingerprint