Emergency: 112 Non-emergency: 0900-8844

I want to report a Dutch citizen or company

I am a victim.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you. We are also unable to process emails and social media requests. You are requested to report the crime at your local police station. If the police in your home country need our assistance, they will send us a request.

I want to report potential criminal behaviour. 

At the moment, it is not yet possible to report potential crime behaviour by a Dutch citizen or company, such as fraud, from outside of the Netherlands. 

I am worried about someone.

Call us on +31 34 357 8844. Stay on the line until the recorded message has finished to speak to a police officer. We will assess the situation to determine how we can help you. In certain cases you can try and send us a direct message on Twitter via @Politie or on Facebook: Politie Nederland.