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Shahin Gheiybe

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The police are looking for Shahin Gheiybe. On 5 July 2011, Gheiybe was sentenced for two attempted murders. In ‘s-Hertogenbosch, on 6 July 2009, he tried to murder the two individuals with whom he had an appointment by shooting at them.

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All in all, he was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of thirteen years. Gheiybe managed to escape from prison on 6 October 2011 and has been on the run ever since.


If you have any information about Shahin Gheiybe have seen him or know where he's staying? Please call 0031- 79 345 98 76 from abroad. If you're in The Netherlands please call: Landelijke Eenheid: 0800-6070 (free) or TNI: +3188 - 661 77 34


Date of birth:
28- 8- 1983
Place of birth:
Tehran (Iran)
1,88 m.
Hair colour:
Black (short, wavy/curly)
Eye colour:
Brown/ black
Other physical charateristics:
Dimple in the chin, birth mark on left cheek near mouth