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Fahd el Kandoussi

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On 10 January 2023, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service included Fahd el Kandoussi in the National Wanted List.

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Mohammed Najib Kajdouh and Fahd el Kandoussi, together with the suspect Mounir K who was arrested earlier, are viewed as the absolute leaders of an extremely large criminal network that has engaged in importing large consignments of cocaine from South America to Europe, and ultimately to the Netherlands. Fahd el Kandoussi and Mohammed Kajdouh were in direct contact with the cocaine-producing cartels in South America and with European consumers of cocaine. The three leaders of the organization were the people who determined when a consignment would be imported, how large that consignment would be, how it would be imported, and to whom it would be sold (and/or sold on). This trafficking probably earned the suspects several tens of millions of euros per year. The money seems mainly to have been spent on luxury goods and real estate, including many properties abroad.


Fahd el Kandoussi and Mohammed Najib Kajdouh did not hesitate to use extreme violence to consolidate their position in the international drug trade. They had various individuals in their employ to carry out violent “jobs” for them. These violent groups repeatedly committed very serious offences on the orders of Fahd el Kandoussi and/or Mohammed Kajdouh. Various individuals were injured in these violent incidents, some of them sustaining very serious injuries. For instance, in the municipality of Tienhoven a man was shot by mistake when the holiday chalet in which he lay sleeping came under fire; various other shooting incidents took place in Tilburg and Waalwijk on the suspects’ orders.


Fahd el Kandoussi and Mohammed Kajdouh are known to have been in Dubai and/or Morocco for extended periods of time. Investigation has also revealed links pointing to a place of residence in Turkey. The expectation is that the suspects no longer come to the Netherlands because they are aware that they are wanted by the authorities.


Have you seen Fahd el Kandoussi or do you think you know his whereabouts? Do not approach him yourself, but contact the police. Call the police tip-off line at free phone number 0800-6070, or have a confidential consultation with the National Intelligence Team at number 088-661 77 34. If you call from another country, you can contact the NIT at +31 79 345 9800.


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