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On 17 July 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in Eastern Ukraine. As a result, 298 passengers and crew members died. On 17 November 2022 the District Court of The Hague sentenced 3 men to life imprisonment for their role in the downing of the passengers plane.

Update 8 February 2023

On 8 February 2023 the JIT gave a press conference on the investigation into the crew of the Buk TELAR that show down MH17 and those responsible for supplying this weapon system.

Witness appeal

If you have information (e.g. pictures, videos, relevant email messages or military orders) related to the Boeing MH17, please contact the JIT via:

We will handle your information with ultimate care. JIT investigators are available to help you in several languages including Russian and Ukrainian.

Safe communication

For safe communication with us through e-mail, we advise you to do the following: 

  • Setup a new Gmail email account. You can do this on: https://www.gmail.com.
  • Preferably use public/free Wi-Fi. Often you can find free Wi-Fi spots at hotels or cafes.  
  • As extra security measure you can use services like Tor or Tails. 
  • If you want to upload photos, video or documents use Gmail as described above. If the files are too big we can refer you to a secure upload functionality over email.

For safe communication with us through phone, we advise you to do the following: 

  • Always use a new pre-paid phone and/or SIMcard.

Witness safety and protection

The JIT pays serious attention to the security of witnesses. We strongly advise you that you should never reveal your actual (current) or intended assistance to the investigation to any person or agency outside of the JIT.

If you are concerned about your safety and/or the safety of your relatives/friends, various protective measures can be taken. Such as:

  • Discussions/interviews can take place in safe places in or outside your country. If travel is needed the JIT may provide assistance
  • In some cases the identity of the witness can be shielded or protected
  • In certain circumstances a witness protection program may be necessary.

​Witness protection programs:

  1. are intended to provide an environment in which the witness may give evidence without fear of retribution
  2. can protect witness identities and may include the use of assumed identities
  3. may extend to people associated or related to the witness, such as family members
  4. may include re-location and in some cases permanent re-settling in another country.

Inclusion in a witness protection program is not to be considered as a reward. It is governed by strict protocols and is on voluntary basis.
Every JIT nation has their own witness protection programs, many of which have cooperative arrangements with other nations.