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MH17 Call for witnesses - Transcriptions English

Current language: English

Transcription in English

Conversation 1

C: Hullo?
B: Yes, Good afternoon!
C: Andrey Ivanovich!
B: Good afternoon, Fiodor Nikolayevich!
C: This is Nikolay Fiodorovich! I’m greeting you!
B: Nikolay Fiodorovich… Yes... I’m glad to hear you…
C: Well… So, how... how is it going there… are you ready to meet ...[inaudible]?
B: Err… Are you going in here?
C: I’m thinking this matter over… I’m about to take a decision… Eh?
B: I wouldn’t... I wouldn’t...  I wouldn’t be that reckless…
C: You say no? Because we have no space for whatsit… there is no power on…
B: Let’s do this way… err, you know I can’t move at the moment… I’ll have some work soon…
C: I see…
B: And then they will start working us over…
C: Uh-huh…
B: I should say that… do you remember the way it is written in the field manual? A control post/command  vehicle…control posts/command vehicles  shall not be moved at crucial battle moments… 

Conversation 2

A: Hello?
B: Hello?
A: Yes, Fiodorovich! I’m listening.
B: Have you already got up?
A: Yes, I have. …[inaudible]
B: What… what… what is the situation like?
A: Err… I’m just being reported.
B: Oh, you’re just being reported. As soon as the reports are made give me a call.
A: Uh-huh…
B: And then whatsit… tell me… have you found this one?.. err…
A: I have arranged everything on the lowboy and a crane.
B: Oh, it’ll be today, yes?
A: Yes-yes-yes. What time is it needed at?
B: Well, the sooner the better. It has to be loaded, camouflaged and driven away.
A: Got it. Well, I have arranged it for the evening.  …[inaudible] it …[inaudible] at/for around 5-6 o’clock/hours.
B: Well, for the evening. It’s ok.
A: Well, not to be spotted and …[inaudible] quickly.
B: Uh-huh. Well, such a huge convoy has left from our direction, fuck.
A: Our one or where?.. or not our one?
B: …[inaudible] our one. Well, those approaches, shit, which they used to have …[inaudible], they would go along them. Well, they have rushed along this route, shit. What is there concerning cleaning/mopping up? Have you found the burials or not?

Conversation 3

A: Yes, Andrey Ivanovich!
B: They are figuring it out among themselves now. I don’t know all the “whats” and “hows”. But I hope the fact that the vehicle’s make has been changed on move/ in the process couldn’t cause such…
A: No-no. They said directly they hadn’t waited for any escort.
B: They hadn’t, yes?
A: Yes. “We weren’t waiting for the escort. We are heading to Snezhnoye[1]. Stand off for today.” It’s the way it was said.
B: Hell! I can’t… I can’t do anything. Let’s wait for 10 minutes more?!
A: No-no. Don’t mind. It’s just… It wasn’t caused by the vehicle’s make. It’s for sure.
B: And… everything is ok with our convoy, isn’t it?
A: Well, we… Here I’m driving. The only thing is… err… the location: is our comrade aware of it or not? Or should I inform him?
B: Give him a hint  what settlement... Because… The only thing – do not do it over the phone.
A: No, I’m not going to ... [inaudible]
B: It’s… It’s not far from the place we usually go to, but not exactly this place. It’s better for you to stop and clarify where you are going to…[inaudible]
A: Yes. No. He has a map there… the map dd. 1983.
B: Well, he’ll mention you the settlement area where it has to …
A: Aha. Well, good.
B: Make a stop and clarify.
A: Yes-yes. He hasn’t mentioned it yet. I got it. Good.

[1] Snizhne (Ukr).

Conversation 4

A: Yes, Nikolay Fiodorovich.
B: Well, has Moscow/Moskva[1] confirmed the moving convoy?
A: Don’t hear, don’t hear.
B: I am saying about the confirmation of the convoy that is going in the direction of the airport… Moscow/Moskva has confirmed… they see it. Is it err… whatsit… Ukrops[2] convoy?
A: The convoy that is going in the direction of the airport? Yes.
B: And how did it go through?
A: Most likely through Sabovka[3]. I’ll give the phone now… one moment, one second and I’ll call you back.

[1] Either a call sign or Moscow.
[2] A scornful short nickname given to Ukrainian Army soldiers by DNR/LNR and their supporters. Literally means ‘dill’.
[3] Sabivka (Ukr.)

Conversation 5

In the background:
A: I am saying that we arranged the power.
A: Andrey Ivanovich!

B: Hello.
A: Nikolay Fiodorovich, I am giving the handset to Andrey Ivanovich. Because it’s impossible to catch signal here. I am giving, giving […] now, one second.
B: Ok.
A: Ok. Am giving […].

A is putting C on the phone:
C: Yes, Nikolay Fiodorovich.
B: So, the convoy was confirmed. Where the convoy can be from?
C: I don’t know where it is going from. It’s from west, isn’t it?
B: It’s somehow going from west. From west. Fucking one and a half kilometres from the airdrome.
C: From the airdrome?
B: Yes.
C: It can’t be one and a half kilometres from the airdrome because there is a populated locality there, there are positions there. Probably… I don’t know. Will now try to do something. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any signal. Hello.
B: Uh-huh. Yes, yes, yes.
C: We are sitting with no signal. We’ve just had the power back on. My telephone is not working at all. Neither the first one, nor the second one. Now what… we’ll try to clarify… the deputy will go now… I think we will be receiving information soon… our groups have left.
B: Uh-huh.
C: Ok. Well, if they come in the airport, will fight at the airport. What else can we do?
B: Ok. I got you.
C: Yes. Well, we have no other options.
B: Uh-huh.
C: That’s it. I am passing the handset. Thank you.
B: Bye.