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Fathi Atiya

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On Monday 6 June 2022, the Public Prosecution Service included Fathi Atiya in the National Wanted List. In June 2019, Fathi Atiya was convicted without appeal to 12 years’ imprisonment for killing his ex-wife.

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On 4 November 2015, he killed the 39-year-old mother of his children with a knife. The mother had a total of six children, of which the youngest ones were at home at the time the offence was committed.

After committing the offence, Atiya fled abroad, and was sentenced in default in the Netherlands. In addition to this offence, Atiya was convicted without appeal for the abduction of two of his children to Libya. For this offence, he still has to serve two years of imprisonment.

It is suspected that Atiya is in Libya, but he could also be elsewhere, perhaps under a different name.


Have you seen Fathi Atiya, or do you think you know his current whereabouts, please do not approach him yourself, but contact the police. Call freephone phone number 0800-6070, or have a confidential conversation with the National Intelligence Team at 088-661 77 34. If you call from another country than the Netherlands, please contact us at phone number +31 79 345 9800.


Date of birth:
1,77 m.
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