Bij spoed: 112 Geen spoed: 0900-8844

Don’t give people smuggling a chance!

People smuggling causes all sorts of problems, such as damaged cargo, delays and the truck combination being seized. As a driver, you can also be arrested and convicted for this. In the most extreme case, people even die because of the dangerous conditions.

Your cooperation is vital to our ability to tackle people smuggling with trucks. There is often a whole (criminal) circuit behind human smuggling. That includes human trafficking and exploitation. You and your colleagues are our ears and eyes in the trucking industry for combating this form of smuggling.

That is why the police have produced this flyer with some tips on reducing the risk of human smuggling. Call 112 in case of suspicious situations and think of your own safety! You can report human smuggling on: 0900-8844. Anonymously on: 0800-7000

Drivers who knowingly take part in human smuggling risk fines, their truck being seized, and prison sentences of between 3.5 and 15 years.
Prevention tips:

  • Lock the cargo compartment after loading with a lock, seal or other locking mechanism
  • Fit a TIR wire and secure it correctly
  • Check the pallet box
  • Park the truck in a public (preferably secure) well-lit car park so that it is visible from a distance
  • Park together with colleagues
  • Alert the police and your colleagues in case of suspicious situations
  • After each stop, carefully check the outside of the truck for damage, especially the tarpaulin, TIR wire, seals and pallet box